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Millions of people search for videos across the web and end up be bombarded with video content that do nothing to with what you searched for.

TempleTube lets people search and watch videos without any hassles.

You can now watch all the wholesome, value-driven content you want without having to worry about any inappropriate or uncomfortable content.

You can trust TempleTube’s algorithm that prioritizes your values and makes sure you always get the best experience.

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TempleTube – The Video-Sharing App For Families and Value-Driven Individuals: Templetube is a unique video app which helps you to stay protected and safe while accessing value-driven and wholesome content. The harmful content that is been flooded all over social media is becoming ever rampant and has become a serious threat to the younger generation because of the unlimited access to the internet, making it harder for parents to protect kids from unhealthy online content.

* Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices