Promoting truth over hype

The key to having an impactful online ministry is to measure its success through the lens of Christ. This is attainable through the Temple Tube platform.

Temple Tube is a video sharing platform that helps Christian content creators to easily build their digital ministry without worrying about their amount of followers and likes. Unlike¬†other social video platforms, we focus on audience impact and biblical congruency vs. the worlds standards and hype. The Bible is our Foundation, not World’s Standards.

Our Vision is to be the leading digital ministry platform, in which Christian ministries and content creators can use to powerfully impact their audience. We also want to help Christian ministries take advantage of online video platforms without having to sacrifice their biblical integrity.

What separates Temple Tube from other social video platforms is that we are focused on biblical congruency and audience impact. We believe that the Bible should be our foundation, not the world’s standards. This is why we measure our success through the lens of Christ.

Christian content creators can use Temple Tube to share their videos with a larger audience while still being able to easily engage with fans. They can share, comment, and message without the fear of worldly distractions while staying focused on their true audience: Christ.

We attempt to be congruent with biblical standards at all times in order to stand out from the crowd through Christ’s light rather than the world’s noise. We believe that with Christ at our center, we can make a true difference in this dark world. Please join us on this journey and help us impact as many lives for Christ as possible.